New Year, New You.

Hello, Friends!

It’s your favorite procrastinator here!

I thought it was damn near time I wrote a blog post, and since the New Year is here, why not touch on how I’m preparing for a fabulous spring. Here are a few things i’ve been doing to create a new start to end a chilly and rainy winter and welcome a bright and cheery spring.


If you’re anything like me, you probably own too many items of clothes. I am a serial buyer and have the habit of indulging in fast fashion. (Not the best habit I have, but something i’m working on!) I’ve decided to buy less and invest in nicer clothing options. I’ve noticed a shift in my mental state when I’m actually wearing something of better quality compared to the forever 21 top that I keep throwing on. Nothing wrong with F21, but ya know what I mean?


I’m a frequent poster on Poshmark and Depop. I find more of my unique and vintage pieces tend to do better on Depop, and my everyday and higher priced items work better on Poshmark. It’s a great way to keep the circle of fashion life in motion, and you get a little money for something you would have otherwise kept hanging in your closet. Also, places like Buffalo Exchange, Flashbacks and Plato’s Closet are easy and fast ways to get rid of some bulk.


Anything and everything that you find someone could re-use. Not just clothing, but dishware, blankets, anything you’re not using that someone else could benefit from. I donate a lot of Teddy’s old baby clothes and toys he doesn’t play with anymore to the local thrift store down the street.


If you have a child, you know they have more toys than they actually need. We recently went through a ton of Teddy’s toys and swapped out some of the old toys (donated those!) for some different ones appropriate for his age. He’s still obsessed with trains and Mickey Mouse.


So I used to manage a beauty supply, and heaven knows I definitely indulged in the discount that came along with it. Almost three years later, I still have some stuff from my days working there. Most products only have a shelf life of 12 to 24 months. Go through your “beauty drawer” or closet and check the label on those bad boys. If your styling cream smells funky, toss it. Also a great excuse to buy yourself that new lipstick you’ve been wanting!


Again, I’m horrible and so guilty of not doing this. Easy in this world to just buy a new pair of shoes when the old ones give out. Try taking your favorite pair of boots (and some others) to your local cobbler. This gives someone (usually a small business) some work, and you keep that killer pair of shoes that you wore that one night at the bar. You know what i’m talking about. Try taking them in pair by pair to cut down on the costs. Definitely cheaper than buying a new pair - i’m telling you.


I know this sounds horrible, trust me I feel you on that. But you’re going to feel so much better when you look in your fridge and you actually have food that is edible. Don’t forget to check your condiment for expired dates too! Ketchup does expire believe it or not. I try and do this every once and a while, but it’s really a pain in the ass.

I haven’t completely tried the Marie Kondo method yet, but one of these days I’ll dig through my clothing mountain and “Konmari” the hell out of my house. That day is not today. I do help that these little tips and tricks help anyone out, and feel free to comment if you have any more ideas how I can make my life any shinier and happier!

See ya soon,

XO, Jes