Hello, its me.

Thanks for stumbling upon my blog.

I wanted to take a minute to introduce myself. 

My name is Jes.

I am a 26 year old stay @ home mom. Currently residing in sunny San Diego with my boyfriend Anthony and our pride and joy, 16 M/O Theodore. Not to mention our two cats; Hamilton, a Himalayan Persian (fluffy AF) and Kevin, a Mainecoon tabby mix (huge AF). I love going on adventures and I'm always looking for the best chicken wing place or the best latte. Here are some fun random facts about myself!

(Maybe you can relate.)


  • Im obsessed with chicken wings. 
  • I went to school in Texas for Taxidermy in 2014.
  • I only drink espresso. Coffee worsens my anxiety.
  • I started modeling when I was 13 and "retired" when I was 18.
  • I do not know how to ride a bike. (too stubborn.)
  • I suffer from generalized anxiety & depression.
  • I won prom queen at my high school. 
  • I own too many mugs, but can't stop buying them. (sorry Anthony.)
  • I used to co-own an online vintage store called De Epoca.
  • I did ballet for eight years.
  • I can burp the ABC's. (real proud of this one.)
  • Im a HUGE listener. 
  • You can almost get to me to go anywhere with a promise of coffee.
  • I am obsessed with skincare and finding new products. 
  • I broke my ankle at hot dog on a stick when I was 14.

I definitely am an odd bird, but I wouldn't want it any other way. If think you would enjoy peeking into my life as a kooky crazy mama with her silly boy then this is definitely your cup of tea. I want to share all my newfound tips and tricks with you. (I have quite a few up my sleeve.)


Thanks for stopping by and getting to know me a little better!